Training Topics

These are our most-requested programs, now offered online.

Introduction to Integrative Law

This is a core training offered by J. Kim Wright that can be entitled several different ways. Lawyers as Peacemakers, Lawyers as Changemakers (or Lawyers as Peacemakers AND Changemakers!) are popular examples.

Depending on the audience, she introduces material about the rapid social change, talks about how law was designed to change slowly (precedent, etc.) but that our times demand a more thoughtful, values-based change. She then introduce the Integrative Law Movement with examples and stories.

The metaphor she commonly uses is that of  the Blind Man’s Elephant as she explores the different ways that law is changing but that each is part of a whole.

Participants explore the pillars of Integrative Law, the innovative and creative models, and spend some time with the participants imagining how they might practice law according to their own values.

The program can be as short as an hour (though less experiential) or could be offered as a retreat or week-long intensive on the topics.

Conscious Contracts®

The Conscious Contracts® model is a proprietary process for creating sustainable, relational and values-based agreements. The process provides a framework for authentic communication, connection, clarity, and relationship design.  It builds on best practices of modern contracts like plain language, design thinking, and using visuals. It is also influenced by restorative justice, collaboration, and conscious business practices.

A key principle is that contracts do not belong to the lawyers or the court. They are living documents which reflect the parties’ desires to come together for a shared purpose. Participants in the process find that they are inspired and even have fun creating their agreements.  They discover a new level of trust and empowerment – or they quickly realize that alignment is not possible and part as friends.

The Conscious Contracts®  process can be used to create many types of contracts where a good relationship is important to the fulfillment of the agreement. They can be especially useful between co-founders, impact investors, companies and vendors, landlords and tenants, publishers and authors, employee-employer, or even for intra-family agreements.

This training is designed to be a 12-hour module for the introductory training and a 16-20 advanced training with mentorship for certification. One-hour introductions are also available. 

J. Kim Wright and Alala’ Linda are the creators of the model and the certification program.