Toward a New Legal Normal

The old legal system is dying.

Systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, toxic adversarialism, incivility, and a number of other dysfunctional models are baked into the system. Even the designs of the roles of victim, offender, and judge (rescuer) are based on a dysfunctional drama triangle model. 

The new legal system is emerging.

The pandemic of 2020-21 is already bringing systems change. Change used to come slowly to law.  Common law based on precedents and civil law based on rules are designed for stability and for discouraging rapid change. Only a short time ago, we were quite sure that online courts were years, perhaps decades, away. And then they weren’t. 

Not only have the systems been disrupted, but people have changed. The news media is now reporting that workers aren’t satisfied with just any job.  They want autonomy and choice. They want to make a difference in the world.

Climate change has become real to more people. They are waking up to the systemic wrongs that used to be invisible. 

This is an opportunity to design a new legal system, building upon the lessons of the pilot programs and experiments of the integrative law movement and other innovations.  

Stay tuned as we inquire into what the New Legal Normal will look like!