The Zambia Project

The Zambia Project

Evance Kalula, international labor expert., retired professor from UCT, native of Zambia, & integrative law ambassador. Clement Kasonde, head of Department of Law, Labour, & Human Resource Management of University of Mulungushi in Zambia. Raphael Masesa, lecturer in Integrative Law & Indigenous Law, at Varsity College (& Zambian), Rhiannon Thomas, and I.

J. Kim Wright, J.D.

Founder & CEO
Kim initiates, supports, and participates in projects to fulfill the Cutting-Edge Law vision

New Mexico/Florida, USA
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Collaborators, Advisors, Affiliated Legal Consultants & Faculty

Glenn Meier

Of Counsel at Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Experienced in all aspects of business law, Glenn has built a practice on the premise that good planning and execution can mitigate the risk of business disputes; and that many business disputes can be settled through negotiation and mediation. Glenn was one of the first certified practitioners of the Conscious Contracts model and has a special relationship with Conscious Capitalism. He is our ambassador to the conscious business movement.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ilze Olckers

Ilze first announced herself as a holistic lawyer in Cape Town in 1998. She's always ahead of her time. She now serves as a consultant for transformational projects. Most recently, we worked on the Manzansi Retreat in South Africa.

Neetal Parekh

Social impact digital marketer and content creator, ecosystem-builder, and social entrepreneur

Neetal has 10+ years of experience in program management, digital content creation and curation, and community-building. She is working on our project to offer a training in Silicon Valley, California.

San Francisco, California area

Peter Lustig

Pete is a collaborative lawyer, advocate, and coach. Past chair of the MKP Australia Ltd., an adult male rite of passage program changing the world one man at a time. He is a long-time student of process-oriented psychology, also called process work, a depth psychology theory and set of techniques developed by Arnold Mindell and associated with transpersonal psychology, somatic psychology and post-Jungian psychology. He supports Kim in the holistic visioning.

Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Fernanda Guerra

Fernanda was the first certified Conscious Contracts® practitioner in Brazil and hit the ground running! She's using the model, combining other integrative skills (like systemic constellations) and teaching lawyers. She is our ambassador to bringing the model to Portuguese-speaking Brazilians.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ana Luiza Panyagua Etchalus

Ana is a Brazilian lawyer with extensive experience in civil and labor litigation, as well as business consultancy. Of Basque heritage, she is also a member of the Conscious Contracts® study group of the Asociación de Derecho Colaborativo de Euskadi. She was recently certified in the Conscious Contracts® model and is training to teach the model in Spanish.

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Carmen Aja Ruiz

Spanish language trainings

Carmen is a collaborative practitioner who uses her skills in family law and with small businesses. She was our first certified Conscious Contracts practitioner in Spain. She is an enthusiastic proponent of peacemaking approaches and is in training to be a teacher for the Spanish-speaking legal world.

Madrid, Spain

Maria Claudia Perego

MariaClaudia is an integrative lawyer, Conscious Contracts practitioner, author, and mediator in Italy. She heads up the team to translate selected chapters of Kim's books into an Italian volume. She also teaches Conscious Contracts courses in Italian.

Milan, Italy

Roberto Rivera

Holistic Policing

Bobby Rivera is a former police officer and Ph.D. Candidate at the University of California, Riverside. His research is about racialized governmental structures as they intersect the variables of trust in communities of color. He is also interested in the advancement of Restorative Justice practices through his “Holistic policing methods” He and Kim have been collaborating since his undergrad years. They have big plans after he finishes his PhD in mid-2021.
California, USA

Dr. Stephanie Shorter

Neuroscientist & Behavioral Designer

Stephanie holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology (Visual Psychophysics) from Washington State University and a post-doc fellowship in the field of Cortical Electrophysiology/Behavioral Neuroscience from Vanderbilt. She has extensive writing and editing experience
and has been involved in many Cutting-Edge Law projects.

Pacifica, California, USA

Doug Breitbart Emergent Entrepre
neurship Sherpa

A polymath/corporate consultant/attorney/executive - Doug's primary role is as a catalyst in Organizational Transformation, Strategic Development, Business Affairs, C-Level Engagements, Professional Services verticals, Operational and Cultural Transformation, Values Alignment, Executive, Professional and Personal Life Coaching. But, actually, such a short bio can't capture all of Doug's depth, breadth, and magical background.

Ambassador (ret.) Chuck Menahem Kanafi

After a career in diplomatic service, Chuck is now a commercial mediator. Chuck's diplomatic service included several countries, including Germany, Eritrea, several southern African countries, and India. He recently completed the Conscious Contracts® certification program and joined the India team, co-designing the project to bring the model into the subcontinent.

Berlin, Germany

Developing Curriculum in South Africa

Working with the Independent Institute of Education in South Africa, Fiona Kaplan, Bronwyn Batchelor, and Amanda Kinners, are my colleagues in building curriculum for the seven campuses of the IIE/Varsity College law schools.

South Africa

Neetu Chetty (B.Proc, LLb, LLM)

Legal Academic, Legal Author, Social Justice Activist and NPO Founder of #Faithwalers, Neetu is a life-long learner, bent on humanising legal education, over her academic career of 21 years. She is a developer of the module Integrative Law for Independent Institute of education and has been working closely with Kim, to ensure that the module speaks to the heart and vision of the integrative law movement. She believes that the inclusion of Integrative Law, for the very first time in a South African LLB degree will spark its inclusion in similar degrees across South Africa, thereby aligning with her vision of creating a humanised South African legal profession, consisting of humanised graduates , moulded by integrative law, thereby humanising legal education.

South Africa

Carolyn Kaas

Carolyn Kaas is Associate Professor of Law, Associate Dean of Experiential Education, Co-Director of the Center on Dispute Resolution at Quinnipiac University School of Law. She, Jacqueline Horani, and I are working on a law review article together.
North Haven, Connecticut, USA

Deborah Herman, Book publishing expert

In 2022, we're starting a new imprint, a publishing company for the Integrative Law Movement! Deborah is helping us launch the Integrative Law Press project.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts, USA

Support & Writing Team

Kerry Raleigh