Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics (also Spiral Dynamics Integral or SDi)  is a data-based, psychological approach worldviews or systems of thinking.  It helps us to understand how people respond to their life conditions and why.

An understanding of spiral dynamics can contribute to personal understandings about our own values and can help us to understand others (clients, opposing counsel, employees, or the broader society.)  It was once called the “theory that explains everything” and you might just find that you understand conflict, political divides, and social change with deeper insight. That insight can help us to understand our own motivations, values, beliefs, and associations.  A deeper awareness of the Spiral can shape conversations and strategies in litigation or conflict resolution.

Kim and Luemara Wagner co-authored an article on SDi for the Integral Leadership Review in 2018.  To fully understand  the article, a more than basic understanding of the model is required.

Kim offers a one-hour workshop which introduces basic ideas including the source of the model, some applicable uses, and an overview of the application in the legal system.  A half-day workshop allows participants to get more hands-on experience and to be able to use SDi as a tool in their law practice.

Kim was trained and certified in Spiral Dynamics Level II by Don Edward Beck, co-author of two books on Spiral Dynamics. She presented at the 2018 Spiral Dynamics Summit on the Future in 2018 in Dallas, Texas.