South Africa, September 5 to 25, 2022

South Africa is at the southern tip of the African continent.

September is Integrative Law month in South Africa!  Lawyers from around the world will gather to share ideas, information, inspiration, and friendship.  You are invited!

We’re creating a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure month of activities and gatherings from September 5 to 25.  Some of the events will be programmed in advance. Others will evolve as we hang out together.  

We’re working on a number of events but right now most of them are in flux.  Each one depends on the others for scheduling.  Kim is going to South Africa in June to finish the details.  She will be asking for input from everyone, to design the best possible experience for us all.  

We have created this page to give you an idea of how to make your own plans. We will post updates as we have them.  

Our adventure together begins with the Sawabona Ubuntu Retreat hosted by Nicolle Kopping-Pavars (Lotus Law) and Dina Cramer.  It is all-inclusive with five-star accommodations, meals, sunrise and sunset safari drives, massages, yoga, excursions and so much more.  

 Click the link for more information.  The video to the right also gives you a taste of what is to come

Retreat Schedule & Details

 This event is limited to 12 participants. 

September 12: We’ll start in Johannesburg after the retreat, visiting the Constitutional Court (a must-see for lawyers!) and the African market.  We’ll probably spend one to two nights there before our next stop. 

September 12-15: That is where we are a little unsure of what is next.  We want to have a conference at one of the law schools but we’re not sure which one will host us. (The whole idea was sparked by a law school but they’re no longer able to host us. We are interviewing others.)

The general plan is for the international integrative lawyers to share with and learn from the South African lawyers and law students.  We’re looking at locations in Port Elizabeth and near Cape Town. 

September 15-25: No matter where our conference ends up being, we will be in Cape Town from around the 15th to 25th. 

There is a lot for us to do in the Cape Town area!

There are groups of law students who are studying integrative law and they’d love to hear from us all!  

In 2012, ten years ago, we held our first gathering of Integrative Lawyers in Cape Town and we hope to reunite the pioneers from that workshop and gathering. 

We’ll close our events on September 24,  national holiday in South Africa.  Officially called Heritage Day, it is also called Braai Day – Barbecue for those of us from the US!

There are game drives and wild areas near Cape Town or you can plan a separate trip to the national park to see the Big Five.

But we also want to spend some time playing!  

Robben Island, Table Mountain, historical neighborhoods, beautiful beaches…there is a lot to see in Cape Town, too. 

Let’s go see the penguins!  They’re in Boulders, a beautiful drive down the coast.  If you missed the game drives from the retreat, you can make up for lost time with Cape Town area tours. 

The photos on this page were taken by Kim Wright on previous trips.

So, come for the first week and enjoy the retreat. Or arrive in Week 2 and join our conference and stay for more fun and sharing in Cape Town.  Or just come to Cape Town and soak up the juice that everyone has been enjoying for the time before you arrive.

The amazing retreat (with its 5-star accommodations, meals, etc.) has a registration fee – make those arrangements directly with Nicolle.  The rest of the activities are pay-your-own-way.  If we end up renting a car, we will share in costs.  We can recommend accommodations when we get the law school location sorted out. 

Do you have to be an integrative lawyer?  Even if you don’t identify as an integrative lawyer, if this trip appeals to you, you may already be one! 

Interested?  Send Kim an email with the dates you expect to join us. 


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J Kim Wright

J Kim Wright

J Kim Wright is the founder of Cutting Edge Law Enterprises, Inc.

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