Kim’s South Africa Schedule

Now – September 8:  based in Cape Town but will make a couple of short trips to nearby places.

September 9 – 12:  In Pretoria, visiting beloved friends.

September 12-14: Durban 

Joined by Eric Sirotkin, Tony Zelle, Philip Daunt, Nicolle Kopping-Pavars

Arriving on our own. Driving back to Johannesburg. 

13: Symposium at IIE Varsity College, Durban North

Trip to Nelson Mandela Capture Site 

September 15: Brunch and program at Varsity College in Johannesburg

September 16:  University of Johannesburg

Sometime between September 16 – 20: Return to Cape Town

Pending:  talks at UWC and Varsity College

September 22 – 24Integrative Law Mzansi Re-union and Retreat 

September 26:  Depart