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Lawyers as Changemakers

Lawyers as Changemakers, The Global Integrative Law Movement, by J. Kim Wright
[ABA Publishing, December, 2016]

Lawyers as Peacemakers

Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law, by J. Kim Wright
(ABA Publishing, 2010)

"Kim’s book, Lawyers as Peacemakers, changed the course of my life. I no longer felt out of place in the legal profession. I began to see that I held great power for change, and I found a group of people like myself – committed to using the law to heal. Years later Lawyers as Changemakers came out and my heart was again uplifted to see lawyers deeply impacting the world. These books should be required reading for all 1Ls and are life preservers to lawyers drowning in our adversarial system."

Dalla Contesa all’ intesa

J. Kim Wright is a Contributor to this Italian book, by Mario Dotti and MariaClaudia Perego

(Translated: From Contention to Understanding)

50 Lessons for Women Lawyers – from Women Lawyers

50 Lessons for Women Lawyers – from Women Lawyers: Career and Life Lessons From 50 Successful Women Lawyers

J. Kim Wright is a Contributor.


The Best Lawyer You Can Be

THE BEST LAWYER YOU CAN BE: A Guide To Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing, by Stewart Levine. (American Bar Association Publishing, 2018.)

J. Kim Wright is a Contributor.

cover of book

Trauma-Informed Law

Trauma-Informed Law: A Primer for Practicing Lawyers

(Published by the ABA Law Practice Management Section, 2023).


  • Marjorie Florestal
  • Helgi Maki
  • Myrna McCallum
  • J. Kim Wright

What Can You Do With a Law Degree?

Author: Deborah Arron

J. Kim Wright was a contributor:

  • Fifth Edition 2003
  • Sixth Edition, 2008

The Legal Toolkit for the Conscious Coach

The Conscious Coach: Legal and Ethical Issues for the Professional Coach, Legal Toolkit, for the Conscious Coach, 2001, by J. Kim Wright. E-Book/Workbook. Part of the Coachville Expert Series. An updated version will be available in early 2022.

Magazine & Journal Articles

Conscious Company Magazine

Stop Being Scared of Your Legal Documents, Conscious Company Magazine, January, 2017.

Build Mission and Consciousness into Your Company’s DNA by J. Kim Wright & Linda Alvarez

Conscious Company Magazine, May-June, 2017

Enlivening Edge Magazine

Amplifying the Evolution of Organizations and Social Systems

Committing to Your Evolutionary Purpose and Values – Really! August 5, 2019

Around the World With Integrative Law February and March, 2019 Part 1

Around the World With Integrative Law February and March, 2019 Part 2

A Picture is Worth 1000 words, April, 2018

New Legal Models for Teal Organizations: Conscious Contracts, July & September, 2017 Part 1

New Legal Models for Teal Organizations: Conscious Contracts, July & September, 2017 Part 2

Teal Lawyering: A Movement, February, 2017

Searching for Teal: A Gathering at Buurtzorg, May, 2017

The Conscious Lawyer Magazine

Interview: Kim Wright: Integrative Law, November, 2016

Feature: Law & Art Coming Together Across the World (with Elaine Quinn), May, 2017

Integrative Law Around the World (J. Kim Wright, US), September, 2020

Kosmos Journal, The Journal for Global Transformation

Transforming a Dysfunctional Legal System, Winter, 2013

Turning crisis into opportunity, Kosmos Journal, May, 2010

Are your business agreements in writing?

Start Up Growth Expert, August, 2010

Creating a Vision of Home, Itineraries.

Envisioning Community, Winter, 2010 issue.

A week in the life of Kim Wright of Cutting-Edge Law, Guest blogger, Professional Hobo.

December, 2009 (on being location independent)

Early 2000s: Regular columns in the following coaching journals [many of which were co-authored with Allison Tiffany]: Coachville Coaching Scoop; International Coach Federation Organizational Coaching Journal; Coaching World; Coaching Zone.

[Conscious Connection: The Ultimate Lifestyle Magazine for Cultural Creatives. July, 2013]

Honoring Conflict as an Opportunity for Transformation.

Western NC Woman, April 2006

Conscious Law & Conscious Divorce, Alternatives Magazine, March, 2004

With Marty Price as co-author. Revised and reprinted in Spirit in the Smokies Journal of New Paradigm Living, October, 2004

A New Paradigm in Family, Creations Magazine, January, 2005

An Exploration of Discourse

Co-authored with Will Nash and Lani Soules, The Journal for the Conference on Global Transformation, Landmark Education, 2003

Arranging Life for an Impossible Promise

The Journal for The Conference for Global Transformation: Transformation, A New Realm of Possibility; Landmark Education, 2001

Co-author NC Times-News on legal issues for consumers 1995-1996

Co-author weekly column in the Burlington 1995-1996

ABA Publications

Are You a Relational or Transactional Practitioner?

Just Resolutions E-Newsletter, American Bar Association Dispute Resolution, February, 2018.

How integrative law can benefit your practice and your clients

ABA Journal, May 2017

A healing response to ‘The Lawyer, the Addict’

Op-Ed in ABA Journal, July 27, 2017

Beyond ADR

Dispute Resolution Newsletter, June, 2016

Integrative Law: Evolution of the Legal System

Law Practice Management, January, 2016.

Professional Journal Articles

The Emergence of the Integrative Law Movement

AMED Network, 2013 Winter edition e-O&P

Integral Leadership Review, August, 2018:

VALUE SYSTEMS AND LEGAL SYSTEMS: Perspectives of Law, Justice, Rights, and Peace by Kim Wright and Luemara Wagner (with special thanks to Don Beck)

It’s a Balancing Act

Lawyers Weekly [Australia], July, 2012

New Breed of Integrative Lawyers

Lawyers Weekly [Canada]

What is Integrative Law?


Should Law Enforcement Agencies Apologize for Mistakes?

Chief of Police Magazine, with Randy Means (Police Legal Advisor) February, 2006.

Several articles in The Collaborative Review, the publication of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, including Honoring Conflict as an Opportunity for Transformation, Spring, 2006, with Marty Price; Seven Steps to Transforming Your Life and Coaching Skills for Lawyers, (two articles) Collaborative Review, Fall, 2003.

Should You Advise Clients to Apologize? Printed in North Carolina Bar Journal, Summer, 2005 and Spring; 2005 Bar Briefs, 28th Judicial District Newsletter; and revised and reprinted for a newsletter for nursing home professionals, for, and revised and included in Lawyers as Peacemakers.

Transformational Law: New Approaches Expand Choices in Law Practice by J. Kim Wright, J.D.; Dolly M. Garlo, R.N., J.D., P.C.C.; and Marty Price, J.D. February, 2004 Washington Bar News [cover article]

Law as a Healing Profession, New trends are expanding choices in law practice; Oregon Bar Bulletin, April, 2003 [cover] Transformational Lawyering: New Approaches to Expanding our Choices in Law Practice, North Carolina Bar Journal, Winter, 2003

Visionary Law: New Approaches Expand Choices in Law Practice, By: J. Kim Wright, J.D. and Dolly M. Garlo, R.N., J.D., Journal of Nursing Law, Fall, 2002 and August, 2001: ABA Law Practice Management Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 3.

Academic & Law Review Articles



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