Media Consultant and Coach

As a recognized expert, Kim is often asked to be a resource to writers, editors, producers, magazines, television, and radio programs about the holistic/ integrative/teal law movement. As a subject, she has appeared in media around the world, always open to an opportunity to share about the integrative law movement. Kim has educated reporters on holistic law, including Christian Science MonitorPeople Magazine, the ABA Journal, Lawyers Weekly, and many other periodicals, leading to articles in most cases.

Kim has also contributed to several books through interviews and occasional ghost-writing of pertinent sections. Most recently she and Alala’ Linda, were interviewed and appear in Lead Together: The Bold, Brave, Intentional Path to Scaling Your Business, a book by Brent Lowe, Susan Basterfield, and Travis Marsh.

Kim has been a member of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), a publicity service, since 2008. She has been interviewed and consulted with numerous reporters and has used the service for her own research. HARO sends 3 emails a day with pitches on a number of topics. Kim scans the messages for relevant pitches and forwards them to colleagues as appropriate. Many of those become stories and Kim coaches the colleagues through the interview process.  In 2010, she advised and prepared a colleague for a live location shoot by the CBS Early Show.

As press, Kim  attended and reported on numerous conferences and events and has commented, reviewed, and offered editorial comment to over a dozen books in the field of law, dispute resolution, business, and divorce.

Television & Film-making

Working in a variety of roles, Kim has  frequently worked with producers in early stages of developing treatments. For example:

  • Background Consultant: In 2003, in her capacity as the Associate Director of the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) Information and Resource Center, Kim was consulted by a producer for Oprah regarding an episode on restorative justice. She spent a few hours on the telephone educating the producer, laying groundwork for what was eventually a very successful program.
  • Researcher and Episode Producer: Confrontation(documentary series on A&E, also featured on Oprah). Kim advised and educated producers and screened potential cases for filming. Screening involved meeting with families of murder victims and people convicted and incarcerated for killing the loved ones, ascertaining their suitability for face-to-face dialogs.
  • Associate Producer: Veterans Courts: Fallen Heroes Rise Againa documentary series developed for cable networks. Working with Executive Producer, Caroline Maria of Cinemaria, Kim, developed the series concept and conducted research on best practices in problem-solving courts with a focus on veterans’ courts. She interviewed judges and interdisciplinary professionals around the country to determine best practices and designed a treatment for presentation to networks. The treatment was seriously considered by A&E before being rejected just before production.
  • Consultant: Development of Pro-Se Nation with Emmy-Award Winning Producer MaryLynn Schiavi.