Beginning in 2016, Kim traveled to Basque Country in Spain to work with several legal organizations including the Asociación de Derecho Colaborativo de Euskadi, Fundacion Arteale, and others. Partly funded by the Basque government, she also traveled to Madrid and other parts of Basque Country, creating alliances, providing training, and inspiring change.   Sinnple Consultores produced an impact report adapting the structure of Social Reporting Standard (SRS) supported by Ashoka in January 2020.  This is an excerpt:

The Collaborative Law Association of Basque Country, Asociación de Derecho Colaborativo de Euskadi (ADCE) was founded in 2013 by María José Anitua. ADCE is a public-private collaboration aiming to promote and encourage a new concept of justice: non-confrontative and collaborative. On the cusp of the wave of global change, ADCE uses collaborative law as a tool of innovation and social justice.

In 2016 Kim Wright started supporting ADCE and has been key to ADCE’s evolution. For example, in addition to offering training and advice, Kim was influential in showcasing ADCE’s work in the international legal community. She highlighted our work with public entities and our innovation in using design thinking in our processes. As a result, ADCE has been invited to present our success stories in seminars at the International Academy of Collaborative Practice (IACP) and the French Association.

Other internationally-renowned experts have trained in Spain, like Linda Álvarez and Glenn Meier on “Conscious contracts”, Lainey Feingold on “Structured Negotiation,” and Frederic Laloux (Author, Reinventing Organizations) on new organizational concepts.

Today, out of ADCE’s 150 affiliate members, 2 out of 3 are lawyers. Although our scope is focused on the Basque Country, the quality and quantity of our work has made ADCE the leading authority on Collaborative Law in Spanish-speaking regions, including Latin America. Indeed, 36 affiliates come from the rest of Spain and countries in Latin America. ADCE trainings draw participants from around the Spanish-speaking world. ADCE has also collaborated outside Basque Country, including with leading organizations in Madrid, bringing Kim Wright and Linda Alvarez to speak and train in places like the Madrid Bar Association and FIDE Foundation.