Integrative Law Movement

Integrative Law is a new wave of legal practices that are being developed and implemented all over the globe to serve the same needs and purposes as the conventional legal system, but to do so in a way that is far more likely to generate productive outcomes, heal broken relationships, address not only the conflict but also deal effectively with the conditions that gave rise to the conflict, and thus, turning conflict into an opportunity to co-create a better world for all. –Linda Alvarez, Rockport, Texas

Integrative law is a context for law, more of a lens than a practice area.  It is like putting on 3D glasses – your perception of the world changes.  The Integrative Law “glasses” have to do with seeing the legal system as an interconnected system of human beings.  The Integrative Law approaches are expressions of the interconnected view of the world that arise in many different contexts.   — Glenn Meier,  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA