For over a decade, Kim traveled the world, meeting and (as she says) “collecting” lawyers who were operating in a new paradigm of legal practice. She created many real connections and even more close acquaintances. She became the central connection person, aka the “Human Rolodex!”  Want a lawyer in Milan?  Kim has a list. How about Cape Town? Another list.  

The trouble was, Kim was being asked for recommendations several times a day. There was no list of integrative lawyers, no directory.  She remained in the middle as the connector.  It wasn’t efficient.  

In 2020, while stationary for the pandemic, Kim began to organize the business cards, pieces of paper, social media contacts, and other names into a Mailchimp program.  That was Stage 1.  

We are still organizing the slips of paper but now you can join the community and participate with others from around the world.