Long-term projects or short-term strategic planning.

We approach everyone from the assumption that we are creating a long-term, sustainable relationship.  We’re creating long-lasting, deep and meaningful change, a new level of consciousness, actions that align with what is most important to you, your loved ones, and the planet.

Maybe you need some encouragement, some connections, some ideas, to know you are not alone. A strategy session may be one way to calibrate and fine-tune your action plan. 

Schedule a strategy session with Kim to explore – or maybe even resolve your issue in the introductory call. 

How can we help you bring your values and ideas to reality? 

Solo practitioners and leaders of small firms can hire a consultant or coach to help you redesign your practice.

Already in a leadership role at a law firm or organization? We can empower you to innovate and make the difference you are committed to making.

Conscious business leaders, we can help you align your conscious values with your legal documents and procedures.

Tools & topics:

  • Legal systems design
  • Culture & retention
  • Conflict prevention programs
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Spiral dynamics
  • Plain language drafting

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There is a lot about our current legal system that is broken and could be improved. There are people working in those areas of reform and I am glad they are. I contribute to their organizations and celebrate their victories. But, my sense is that the system is irretrievably broken, that such improvements and reforms are like moving the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is important to provide the palliative care, to hospice the old system. My own attention is focused on those who are building a new legal system that is based on an evolving consciousness, purposes and values, reflection, and personal integrity. Earth lawyers who champion the rights of nature; sharing lawyers who help us live in sustainable communities; legal designers who make documents accessible to everyone; and trauma-informed legal practitioners who bring awareness and healing to the system: I believe they (and others) are part of the legal system of the future. Our early efforts have been like pilot projects for a future legal system that is based on values like compassion, inclusivity, contribution, peacemaking, and healing. We are building that system.