Conscious Contracts®

What if your contracts were written for you, the user? What if you understood every word?

And what if, the focus of the contract was on the relationship, how to nurture and sustain your shared mission and vision for the world? What if you designed how you would address change and the inevitable disagreements that arise between people who are trying to achieve something in the world?  And all of this would be incorporated into a legal document that is flexible and living, not thrown in a file drawer until it is needed as a weapon.

The Conscious Contracts model is designed for users who want to do what they came together to do, not to waste time and resources fighting each other in court. 

Co-created by Alalá Linda (fka Linda Alvarez) and J. Kim Wright, the model integrates principles of restorative practices, conscious business, and many other approaches. It is used by startups, families, landlords-tenants, and others who want to get things done together.