Integrative Law Movement Introduction

Cutting Edge Law Categories: Broad Overview of Multiple Categories As long as there have been disputes, there have been methods of resolving them. From today’s perspective, the adversarial legal system was a big improvement upon the armed combat and duels that preceded it and it has endured for centuries as the preferred method of resolving […]

Conscious Contracts

Conscious Contracts, also known as Values-based Contracts or Integrative Contracts, are a hot topic.  I am asked to teach this topic more than any other and have taught it to law societies, corporate lawyers, big city,small town, and rural lawyers on four continents, so far.  In this short piece, I’ll cover a brief overview of what […]

Integrative Law Movement

Cutting Edge Law Categories:  Broad Overview of Multiple CategoriesTopics:  Introductions and Descriptions A Primer on Integrative Law Cutting Edge Law explores the many facets of Integrative Law.   Integrative Law is an emerging worldwide movement to create a legal system that grants dignity and voice to everyone in the legal system, crafting values-based, creative, sustainable, and holistic […]

What is Integrative Law?

Comprehensive Law Movement What is Integrative Law?    The Emergence of a New Legal System Recently, there has been a lot of attention on lawyers and meditation.  Several people have asked me to talk about how meditation is related to the Integrative Law movement.  I have a book coming out that covers that topic later this […]